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Wire Cable Home Theater Oxygen Free Cat5 Cat6 Category 5 Category 6 RG6 RG59 RG11 Burial Bulk Bundled Shielded
Honeywell Wire and Cable

Bulk Wire & Cable


Speaker Wire

RG59 - RG6 - Video with Power - 75 Ohm Mini CCTV Coaxial Cable

RG6 - RG59 - RG11 CATV Coaxial Cable

RGB Mini Coax and RG59 Component Video Cable

Category 3, 5, 5e & 6 Shielded & Unshielded UTP Cable

Bundled Multimedia Cable

Low Voltage Yard Lighting Cable - Irrigation Cable - Low Voltage Burial Cable


Links To Additional Sources Of Information About Wire & Cable

Honeywell offers outstanding information about their wire products and usage via the Honeywell web site.
Below we have provided you with a link to Honeywell's web site and to their information pages.
Honeywell's Home Page
Honeywell's Products Page
Honeywell's FAQ Page

Honeywell's Genesis Cable Connector Selector PDF File

CATV = Community Antenna Television Cable - Cable TV
CCTV = Closed Circuit Television
HDTV = High Definition Television
DSS = Digital Satellite Systems
LAN = Local Area Network
RG= Radio Guide or Grade
CCS = Copper Clad Steel
SW = Speaker Wire
BC = Bare Copper
AL = Aluminum
U = Universal

Manufactured in the USA